This Caramel Will Ruin All Others For You

This Caramel Will Ruin All Others For You

Caramel is one of those treats that combines many different taste profiles into one delicious little package. You get the sweetness… you get these buttery, creamy notes and then you can even add a pinch of salt to amplify the flavor on your tastebuds (More details on why here).

Can you guess that caramel is a personal favorite?

Most of the time, caramel is the supporting flavor to chocolate, ice cream, apples, lattes, etc. It doesn’t always get the spotlight, unless you’re looking for it specifically. Many caramels are made with the standard sugar and cream, but there’s one kind that you need to try today. It may just change everything you knew about this treat. It’s Honey Caramels. You get all the lovely smooth texture and tastes, but the addition of honey adds a whole new dimension to the depth and richness of the caramel.

We are very lucky to test out all kinds of products as we curate our Honey Crates. When we discovered honey caramels, we knew we had to make space for them in the crate. In December we featured Salted Honey Caramels, for the 2nd time, from Bees Brothers. It’s a family-run beekeeping business in┬áCache Valley, Utah. They tend the bees, harvest the honey and hand-make the caramels in small batches and a handful of flavors. It’s the kind of hard-working, small business we’re all about and love to support. As they mention on their website, their caramels were the result of a lot of experimentation, but the final recipe was worth it… and I, for one, think they hit it out of the park.

Bees Brothers in Utah
Photo Credit: Bees Brothers

If we didn’t have to fill orders, I could easily sit back and plow through more of these caramels than I should. Honey caramels are the new standard by which I judge all other caramel items. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I’d suggest you find some as soon as possible.

Leave a comment, let me know what you think. You won’t be disappointed.


This Caramel Will Ruin All Others For You