Honey Crate Reveal – July 2017

Honey Crate Reveal – July 2017

This month’s Honey Crate is focusing on Skin Care.

Though a tasty treat, honey has long been known for it’s medicinal qualities. Similarly, other products from the hive such as beeswax and propolis have been found to have similar characteristics. We wanted to explore some fabulous bee-derived products for your skin as we get into the hottest part of the year. We hope you enjoy this Honey Crate!

As with all skin products, if you have any doubt about allergic reactions, consult a doctor before use. If you do decide to use any products on your skin, try them on a small patch to evaluate your sensitivity before you cover an entire area. Always be safe!


This Month’s Featured Recipe

We are really enjoying these Minted Icebox Pickles from our Food Curator, Rachel. They are wonderful on their own, but would also taste great on burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

Click Here for the recipe…

Sweet Sophia Virginia Raw Wildflower Honey

Virginia Raw Wildflower Honey

Sweet Sophia / Lake Ridge, VA

Local honey from Northern Virginia.  This honey is not pasteurized, so it retains all of the natural healthy properties it’s meant to have. It’s made in small batches by the hives of Elsa and John Klapperich, a beekeeping husband/wife team from Lake Ridge, VA.

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NOLAS Acadian Oatmeal, Milk And Honey Soap

Acadian Oatmeal, Milk And Honey Soap

New Orleans Lip And Soap / New Orleans, LA

NOLAS Acadiana Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Soap has found the perfect balance between these three scents. Its sweet aroma is an inviting and warm fragrance. Fresh and nutrient filled goat milk provide nourishing fatty acids to moisturize and replenish your delicate skin. Hand ground colloidal oats are added to perform as a natural and gentle exfoliant. This soap is created with passion and attention to detail by Kristen Kline in New Orleans, LA.

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Green + Lovely Nature's Silk Lip Balm

Nature’s Silk Lip Balm

Green + Lovely / Charleston, SC

Wonderful flavor and oh-so soothing. Nature’s Silk Lip Balm is a natural and gentle way to moisturize that pout. This lip balm goes on extremely silky and feels like butter. It is made with 98+% certified organic ingredients and flavored with plant-based essential oil blends (no artificial chemical fragrances here). This lip balm is made by Samantha in Charleston, SC.

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Naturals By Nessa Organic Brown Sugar Honey Scrub

Organic Brown Sugar Honey Scrub

Naturals By Nessa / Everett, WA

Enjoy the warm scent of brown sugar and honey when you use this amazing all natural sugar scrub. Revitalizes and restores that silky-soft feeling to your skin. Made by Vanessa Hoffman in Everett, WA.

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A Natural Alternative Ocean Tides Beeswax Lotion Bar

Ocean Tides Beeswax Lotion Bar

A Natural Alternative / Emmaus, PA

This lotion bar is a push up tube filled with cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax. This combination glides right on, soaks right in, and is non-greasy. Great for spots like elbows, knees, and feet. Made by Hedge Sefcovic in Emmaus, PA.

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